Private Lessons -

Encaustic Basics is an introduction to the basic art of encaustic painting, materials needed, and how to set up your studio/work area. It includes making your own encaustic colors, learning how to color match using encaustic pigments, basic fusing techniques by using a torch and a fusing gun to make a painting. We also work with collaging methods using fusing irons.

Advanced Encaustic session builds off of the basics and works with techniques including digital image transfers and stencils to create sophisticated, transparent, textural wax layers in your encaustic compositions.

Color Basics brings trained eyes to your studio and Carolyn provides helpful solutions to bring clarification to your current color palette. She works with you, where you are at on your color journey, and helps you to enliven or bring harmony back to your artwork.

Individual Consultation - 

Carolyn will provide input on compositions, color theory, design concepts and give feedback on your artwork and design projects. Teaching for over 25 years at the university level has given her extensive training in color and design theory, drawing, and painting. She expertly leads artists to push themselves and encourages even the most blocked artist to find their voice again.

Workshops -

August 14, 2021 (10 -11:30 am) - Online- Color Workshop

Become more confident understanding beautiful colors that appeal to you and learn about what colors play nice together.

Staying in Indianapolis

There are some sweet beds and breakfasts in The Old Northside neighborhood near the Harrison Center for the Arts, 1505 N. Delaware Street. Definitely walkable to the studio and Mass Avenue and decent public transportation in the area, too. Indianapolis is a working artist's dream city.