The beauty of painting is that it can say what words cannot. Depicting the ethereal nature has always played an important inspiration for the art that I make. In the landscape, it has many faces. It can be seen in the themes and the methods the work takes, especially the encaustic monoprint.

The Dangerous Beauties Gallery shows artwork created to represent flowers and plants that have a sinister side. They may be beautiful, but they are poisonous in some way. Tying in historical references and works of literature adds to the richer story behind the work. These textural, semi- representational paintings are a way to capture fleeting beauty, moments in time, and transcendental states of being. They play upon the audience’s interest in fantasy, folklore, and magic.

In the Elemental Gallery, the work begins with a structure based on the elements- fire, air, water, and earth. Themes in the individual paintings vary to depict the connections between us: environmentally, spiritually, emotionally, and aesthetically. Color is tied to the emotions and diffuses and reflects off the viewers experiencing the work.

Carolyn Springer