The beauty of painting is that it can say what words cannot. Depicting the complex and ethereal nature of beauty has always played an important inspiration for the art that I make.

The art in the Habitat Gallery explores internal landscapes yet references commuting from my home by an old river with an oxbow to the downtown called the Circle City. Day after day I see the same roads and mentally, I am hovering above the space like a drone in flight. My mind is already in my studio getting to work. This may sound esoteric, but I think about cities as having bodies, souls, and spirits. They reveal themselves subtly, uniquely in my drawings and paintings. Having taught color theory and design for over 25 years, the laws of formalism exist behind my intuitive experimentation. Paradoxically primitive and sophisticated, totally spontaneous yet disciplined, the compositions are deceptively simple yet have the inner workings in color symbolism and complex color harmonies.

Carolyn Springer